A goal of mine for 2017 was to start learning film photography. My parents gifted me a Pentax K1000 for Christmas. I did not start using my camera for a couple months mainly because I was scared of  messing up. My dad finally convinced me to start and showed me how to use my new film camera. I have developed three rolls so far and I am totally in love with the world of film photography! I thought I would share some images I captured with my film camera while I was recently in Ohio. I captured my best friend, Joanna, on film. 

(noted-for those looking into ever booking me-this is FILM. This means my images do not look like this usually. Just a fun creative outlet for me. I photograph all sessions digitally and edit to my style and branding!)

Camera: Pentax K1000

Film: Kodak Porta 400

Lab: FINDlab


As I was making one of my many Target trips this past week I happen to notice pink and white filled end caps near the registers. Valentines candy. It first caught my eye, well, because bags of sugar in the shapes of hearts-what's not to love? Secondly it caught my eye because Valentine's Day, already? With that, I am excited to offer 10% off all couples, engagement, and weddings. This offer is good until February 14th, 2017. If you have always wanted to have a special session, this is a wonderful time to book! 

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